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Tax Law

Tax law is a dynamic field of law which affects various aspects of an individual's life or a company's welfare and overall success. The constant developments with rules and regulations pertaining to tax law create a need for professional tax advice and specialised tax services. 


With a strong focus on SARS Alternative Dispute Resolution where we lodge objections and appeals on behalf of our clients against tax assessments, Tax and Estate planning, and Tax litigation; we are able to combine professional legal and tax advice with commercial acumen which enable our tax experts to design personalised tax solutions to suit our client's individual business needs. 


Our services extend to Compromise and Settlement Agreements with SARS, Emigration law and Double Taxation Agreements which is an area of tax law which is affected and influenced by economic trends and by international politics and affairs. 


At VST Attorneys we pride ourselves by being able to offer our client's a broad spectrum of tax services which assist with a wide range of tax disputes. 

Tax Services

  • General legal tax assistance and advice

  • Tax Dispute Resolution (ADR) with SARS

  • Advanced Tax Rulings 

  • Tax advice on Commercial Transactions 

  • VAT Refunds Disputes with SARS

  • Cross border transaction compliance 

  • Trust compliance 

  • Voluntary Disclosures to SARS

  • Settlement and Compromise Agreements with SARS

  • Tax litigation proceeding out the High Court 

  • Assistance with Double Taxation Agreements 

  • Removal of SARS Judgements

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