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VST Attorneys was born of its founder's pledge to break out of the rigid mold in which the legal industry has become trapped. The adoption of the slogan, Creative Legal Solutions, is an embodiment of our mission to develop new, innovative, and creative means of meeting the needs of our clients.  Finding ways to resolve disputes quicker and more cost-effectively necessitates that we think creatively and out of the box.  Our vision of becoming an exceptional institution of law, achieving both national and international influence, by ensuring that we never lose sight of what makes VST what it is; our clients.

VST Attorneys offer a wide range of expert services, including litigation, alternative dispute resolution, conveyancing, notarial services, as well as contractual and commercial services, to name but a few. Contact us today to see how our exceptional legal practitioners can be of service to you.

Phone us today for a free 15 min consultation.

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