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Andre’-John Truter holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Law degree from Stellenbosch University and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of South Africa. A-J entered into a Practical Vocational Training Contract with a prominent Durbanville-based Law firm in 2017, during the course of which he gained invaluable experience in the fields of civil litigation and corporate law. Admitted as an attorney in 2020, and with a vision of revolutionizing how professional legal services are delivered to clients, A-J joined Ernest in establishing VST Attorneys.

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With a keen eye for the finer details and a highly competitive nature, there is no doubt that A-J delivers high caliber and results-driven service. When asked what differentiates VST Attorneys from the rest of the legal field, he stated:


“We have clear vision at VST Attorneys, and that vision is quite simple: break out of the rigid mould that the legal fraternity has for so long been caught up in. This vision is perfectly captured in our logo, where the triangular shape connotes both a pinnacle, encapsulating our mission to become industry leaders and a spearhead, which depicts our vision of being industry innovators. We aim to achieve  this by always ensuring that our goals remain client-centric and that our services are specifically tailored to each client’s unique needs.” 


A-J offers a wide range of legal services, including the fields of family law, property law, contract law, the law of damages, the law of delict, and insolvency law. His special interests lie in commercial law, corporate advisory services, e-commerce, and contractual disputes. A-J is also an accredited mediator and is a great supporter of alternative dispute resolution.


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